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28 Oct 2014
A Thing I Made: Vitae
For the bulk of 2013, I worked with a talented Viget team to develop Vitae for the Chronicle of Higher Education. Think of it as LinkedIn for people in higher ed. Here’s a screenshot of my favorite …
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02 Feb 2013
Another Thing I Made: WorldWildlife.org
Last year, I had the priviledge of working with a talented team at Viget to build and launch a new site for the North American branch of the World Wildlife Fund This was the first major project at …
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08 Jul 2011
A Thing I Made: PUMA.com
I’ve been working for PUMA (the shoe company) at Viget for about the last year and a half, developing a content management system (CMS) to drive several of their category marketing sites (including …
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16 Jul 2009
Viget Extend Posts
I know things are slow on this site, but it’s not as if I’ve given up writing online entirely. These days, I put my technical posts at Viget Extend, our development team blog. Here are a few …
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14 Mar 2009
Durham Developer Day
One week from today, I’ll be speaking at Durham Developer Day, a small web tech conference being put on by Relevance and Viget Labs. My talk, “Optimizing Perceived Performance,” is about …
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21 Feb 2009
Speaking at Refresh this Thursday
Fellow Vigeteer Mindy and I will be presenting a talk called “Ten Things Designers Do That Piss Developers Off (and Vice Versa)” at this month’s Refresh the Triangle this coming Thursday …
17 Mar 2008
Life Updates Vol. 1
HELLO WEB FRIENDS. Some brief updates: the new job is going swimmingly. I’m the primary developer on a smallish website we’re developing. It’s great to be able to work from professionally-designed …
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17 Jan 2008
Moving On
IN MAY OF 2006, I purchased this domain with the intention of starting my very own blog. I experimented with several site designs, but nothing I came up with effectively captured the feel of the time …
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