O Hai Tad

Posted 28 May 2009 under ,

About two weeks ago, this little guy showed up on Craigslist. I drove out to Cary to meet him that Saturday, and it was love at first site. His former owners called him Blooper, but we unburdened him of that as soon as we got into the car. Tad is a six-month old blue quaker parrot of indeterminate gender, but he’s a boy until I’m told otherwise. Here we are:

Tad loves cheerios and peanut butter and especially cheerios covered in peanut butter. He can say “peekaboo” if prodded about 70 times. His former owners clipped his wings, which isn’t something I plan to keep up with, but for now we’ve been enjoying hanging out in the courtyard next to my apartment. He shits everywhere. Keep up with our adventures with this Flickr set I created.

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