A Thing I Made: PUMA.com

Posted 8 July 2011 under , ,

I’ve been working for PUMA (the shoe company) at Viget for about the last year and a half, developing a content management system (CMS) to drive several of their category marketing sites (including Running, Football, and Golf). In March of this year, we began modifying the platform to drive not just these category sites but the PUMA homepage, as well. I’m proud to say that, as of March 20, our software, written in Ruby, is serving www.puma.com.

It was a great experience, working with a team of talented user-experience and visual designers, front-end developers, and fellow Ruby guys, not to mention project managers who held it all together. In technical terms, we were able to make heavy use of Redis to speed up page load times and cache the countless API responses that drive the site. I’m happy to report that, all humbleness aside, the site is screaming fast.

If you’d like to hear more about the PUMA project, some of the team members and I will be speaking at this month’s Refresh the Triangle on July 28.

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