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28 Jul 2008
Back to the Grind
Clive Davis, from a piece on Wired exploring the mindset of a World of Warcraft player: These explanations are all true, more or less. But I actually believe there’s another reason we’re …
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07 Mar 2007
Updates from Azeroth
Figures this would be my last post before a two-month silence on this site. Warcraft is a hell of a drug, I tell you what. Still a lot of fun on my third go-round; leveling this character has been a markedly …
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24 Jan 2007
Back on that Pogo Stick
Saturday night, while waiting for our movie1 to start, Mary and I strolled into an EB Games, to be confronted by a life-sized cutout of a fearsome-looking Blood Elf. One serious discussion later, we …
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