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02 Apr 2009
Site Redesign: Misanthropy and the City
Before she left to travel around the world in 2007, I helped my sister set up a website to chronicle her various adventures. Two years later, the site was looking a little dated, so we decided to completely …
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25 Jul 2007
Textpattern Article & Link Feed
As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been struggling to combine the articles and links from this site into a unified feed. I thought I’d found a solution using FeedBlendr to combine the two feeds …
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24 Jul 2007
Blend'd & Burnt
One of my biggest gripes about this site design is that it doesn’t handle short posts very gracefully. With that in mind, I decided to add a Quick Links section, using the Textpattern link-management …
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20 Jun 2006
A Fresh Start
I’ve decided it’s time to step back into the ring and create a new personal site—I’ve been away too long, too long. Since last we spoke, hrm … I graduated from college …
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