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27 Mar 2010
On iPhone Photography
I finally took the plunge and picked up an iPhone last October, and although my cellphones have had built-in cameras for the last ten years, this is the first one I’ve used with any regularity …
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02 Mar 2009
The Eyes of March
Super excited to be participating in this month’s Experimonth, “The Eyes of March,” taking a photo every day. Starting us off with an espresso shot I took in Philadelphia this morning …
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05 Nov 2007
Sweet Cards from MOO.com
My MOO.com order showed up today. These guys take photos from your Flickr stream and turn them into calling cards, stickers, postcards, or notecards — you pick the images and customize the text …
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04 Nov 2007
Weekend in West Virginia
This is my Grandma Bert, and today is her 80th birthday. To celebrate, my mom and her brother put together a big party in her honor, and invited something like the entire state of West Virginia. Seriously …
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11 Oct 2007
I Can See the Red Tail Lights
I flew over to Barcelona with my folks for a few days to visit my sister. It was my first time in Europe, and I’ll tell you what: those people know how to live. I took a lot of pictures while I …
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23 Sep 2007
I Turn My Camera On
Inspired by the beautiful photography on my sister’s site, some new photos: Durham really has a lot of character to it, if you know where to look. I picked up a 50mm lens to better …
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